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But it seems that of part of creative workforce has been harnessed to benefit thousands of lazy students abroad. There they saw first-hand the young and educated Kenyans blitzing in and out as the middle-aged boss rolled up every day in a different luxury car. An expert who spoke to MailOnline, Dr Thomas Lancaster, said Kenyans rule the world in this type of work, effort that requires excellent writing skills, advanced academic research skills and the ability to understand multi-discipline understandings.

Maybe Kenyan employers should conduct a self-reflection on why they have not churned out enough jobs for this highly-skilled labour force. I expanded into different markets.

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I felt a great sense of achievement, like all my hard work was paying off. Even the boss did not allow MailOnline to interview his workers about their working conditions, one his former colleagues, said they toil hour shifts. Museveni visits Kenya One on one with Dr Abbas Meet the Kenyan teacher What is the current Walda Sanctuary of hope Marsabit on the brink Marsabit on the Brink Successful story of Kenya Football team, How young Digital UNEA Environment Electric Vehicle Made In Using films to transform Reduction of Interesting news from Kenyans celebrate one Pregnant women Meet the man who missed Switch A ride with Caboda Switch 1.


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